2001 Mercedes-Benz W210 AMG E55 Jack-up point cover restoration

thank you for your hard work.
We manufacture custom parts in Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture.
It’s an industry love.

It was almost raining this week as well.
How are you doing?
I’m not feeling well because of the change in atmospheric pressure.

By the way, it is a continuation of the blog on July 04, 2022.
Last time, a car cover made in 2001.
The content was that I wanted you to make the right side based on the left side.

Car cover

I omitted it last time, but I am modeling with 3D CAD.
I used 3D CAD called ICAD / SX for this modeling.
Since it is a CAD that is a little different from the original usage of ICAD, there were some difficult points, but since it is the CAD that I am most familiar with, I tried my best to model it.

If you are using ICAD / SX, please praise it. smile

3D modeling

I had a hard time measuring and modeling, but
I managed to get it into shape.

And 3D printing.
We also have 3D printing,
I’m not good at producing smooth surfaces with a printer called FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling).

Industry Love 3D Printer

So this time I asked the outsourcer.
Of course, if you ask an outsourcer, the price will be higher, but
It is possible to select the most suitable 3D printer according to the product you want to make.
Moreover, since the subcontractor is a professional specializing in 3D printing, you can leave the production with confidence.

I’m more of an engineer and designer, so I’m good at holding down important parts of the shape and thinking about shapes such as drawings and modeling.

Making parts with a certain level of quality cannot be made without gathering some know-how.

However, if we can use our 3D data on a case-by-case basis, the price will be the lowest, so depending on the content, let’s decide with consultation.

Finally the product arrived.

Original & copy (comparison)
Parts R & L

The original parts were 20 years old, so they had deteriorated to some extent.
So I made both the left side of the copy source and the lost right side.

By the way, it was said that the painting would be done by the customer, so
We made the shape and delivered it.

I received an email like this after delivery ↓
[Email from customer] (Leave the original text)
I received the parts this morning. I installed it immediately.
When I fine-tuned it with a file and fitted it, it was perfect.
After this, it will be painted, so I think it will need to be adjusted again.
I am satisfied with the creation with more accuracy than I expected.
I think that the manufacturer may continue to request the production of parts that have been discontinued.
Thank you again for that section.
Thank you for your polite work this time.

I was really happy with this.
Of course, I made the parts with the utmost care,
It’s exciting until it’s installed.

It is difficult to make parts with one item, but
I learned a lot about this time.
Let me continue to study in various ways.

Thank you very much.

Industry Love
Industry Love
address:〒442-0051 愛知県豊川市中央道3丁目31番地
address: 3-31 Chuo Expressway, Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture 442-0051
Inquirer: Nakao


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