This week was fluttering. [I want to sublimate into a story]

Good work.

I’m Industry Love, which manufactures custom parts in Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture.

It was almost raining this week.
How are you doing?

I think I wrote in my blog last week that I would attend the event.
This week I was planning to write a blog for such an event I attended.
However, I couldn’t participate in the event due to various reasons.

Last Sunday,
My older daughter has a gastrointestinal cold.
She doesn’t have to worry because her daughter is very well.
Is the problem from here.

Her wife gets sick on Monday night.
And on Tuesday evening, her eldest daughter gets sick.
And finally I got sick on Tuesday night. Σ ( ̄  ̄ lll) shock
It’s a pandemic. smile

And the event is Wednesday !!
That’s impossible. I thought it would be cured overnight, but it was impossible.
Oh, I was looking forward to it. sad.

That’s what happened.
I blogged this because I wanted it to be a story and make me laugh. (o ^ ― ^ o) Nico

This is what happens if you are raising a small child.
So I think it can’t be helped.
And this will continue to happen in the future.
I want to do my best without being depressed.

I’m doing Indusley Love by myself so far,
I would like to find someone who will liven up with me.

I have a creed to take good care of myself and my family in Industry Love.
I would like to create a system that helps each other in these areas.
That said, the main premise is that it will be established as a business. smile

Even so, raising children is difficult.
Today is the election day for members of the House of Councilors.
I often checked the places where I could come up with policies that are kind to the child-rearing generation.
I think that each person thinks about their generation and standing position, but I think it is important to vote for those who are saying something that is close to their feelings.
Nothing changes even if you keep silent.
We still have today, so please vote.

Finally, here is a picture of my cute daughter.

My chi

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