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This is Industry Love Nakao.
It’s June.
It’s getting hotter.
As I say on Twitter every day, please be careful about hydration and physical condition management.

I am doing various ways to write a blog through trial and error.
Please understand.
Thankfully, I was fluttering at work last week, so
Well, I’m going to make it a chat content this week with the feeling of what to do with the blog.

Some time ago my mouse got sick.
Since this was a baby user, I think it has reached the end of its life.
Thank you very much.
It is a product of Logitech called MX Vertical.

MX vertical

The shape of this product has changed a little.
This is a measure against tendonitis because the wrist is turned vertically so that it is less burdensome.
Such a mouse is called an ergonomic mouse.

So what’s really worrisome? I think that’s what it means.
First of all, I think that it is a pretty good mouse for people who use CAD and illustrator like myself all day long.

I had a pain in my wrist with a normal mouse, so I changed to this mouse, but the pain was less likely to occur.
However, I think it will take a few days to become this mouse.

So I bought a new mouse.
LIFT M800PG This is also Logitech.


This is also an ergonomic mouse.
By comparison
MX vertical  large   If anything for men  Rechargeable   No receiver (with bluetooth) expensive
LIFT M800PG Medium If anything for women Battery operated With receiver (with bluetooth) Cheap


Both have good points, so it’s hard to say which one is better.
Selfishly, I’m a man, but my hands are small,
It would be very helpful if there is a size between large and medium size.

I thought about writing a blog, but I like Logitech. smile
I didn’t realize it. I think I like the design.
However, I also like challenges, so if there is something that other manufacturers are interested in, I would like to use it.

By the way, Industry Love moved at the end of February.
The office became larger in space, and we also introduced a water server.

Water server

If you run out of water nearby, please come and drink.

Recruitment of rental offices,
We are also looking for people to work with us.
Please feel free to contact us.

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