Being able to have an industrial love (NK-design) for global warming

I am making order parts in Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture,
It is an industrial love.

Thank you for your hard work this week.

It’s in October.
Three months later this year, I want to do my best in a blink of an eye.

By the way, it is hot because the maximum temperature is 30 ° C even though it is in October.
There is a theory about the reasons for global warming, but I think we should not be concerned about the effects of greenhouse gases.
I often hear “sdg’s” recently. “Sustainable development goal”.

I’m not a saint, but
Considering the environment where I live and the world where my children live, I think I can somehow stop global warming.
It’s hard to simply be too hot

So, as for individuals,
I wondered if there was anything to do as a business establishment.

Our company works to design metal parts and machines.
To be honest, metal is not an environment, especially for global warming.

For example, it is an indispensable material for the process of iron and human evolution, but the raw material is like an iron ore.
Since it is not an expert, I omit the details, but it is produced by dissolving iron ore in the furnace.
The temperature at this time seems to be 1200 ° C.
This is a good idea to see “Princess Mononoke”, but I send a lot of oxygen into the flame and raise the temperature.
As you know, carbon dioxide is what you can do from burning oxygen.
In other words, when making iron, a large amount of carbon dioxide can be made.

Iron ore (from the Internet)

So is aluminum.
Among the metal Earth reserves, aluminum is the largest and seems to exceed iron.
However, aluminum does not exist in nature as it is.
Aluminum is called alumina and comes out in a mineral binding to oxygen.
By the way, those with high purity are ruby ​​and sapphire.

Ruby (from the Internet)

This is also required to be used as an aluminum, but it is a large amount of electricity to generate, that is, to remove oxygen.
In other words, aluminum and oxygen are divided so that water is divided into oxygen and hydrogen by electrolysis.
If you use thermal power generation to make electricity, you will naturally cause carbon dioxide.

Well, what’s the case, but metal is made by sprinkling warm effect gas by putting a very burden on the environment.
That said, even if you say, “I live like a primitive man without using a metal !!”
And honestly there is no such guts 😊

Then, should I use electricity in the concept of carbon offset to be said to be a tree planting as much as the greenhouse gas is discharged?
I think that’s important.
I just looked up,
The fact that the tree planted by photosynthesis and oxygen is of course removing carbon from carbon dioxide, of course.
It seems that what is going on the carbon incorporated is that it is incorporated into the body of the plant.
So you can bake a tree and make charcoal.
What was made naturally over time seems to be coal and oil.

Plants (from the Internet)

In other words, it is important to do the plants after the plants have died.
If you burn tree or leaves and leaves, it will be “The Wheel Comes Full Circle”.

When I checked this, I thought greenhouse gas was a very deep -rooted problem.
I think that all people have to return to primitive life to stop the warming of the hot effect gas right now.

But honestly I thought it was impossible.
However, there are many people in the world who are working to solve global warming.
For example, an article I read during this time was “I have developed a device that removes carbon from carbon dioxide.”
In other words, the problem of greenhouse gases is a proposition that needs to find solutions to human beings.

It is difficult to do research to remove greenhouse gases in front of the work in front of the carbon offset.
So what can you do with industrial love (NK-design)?
The conclusion that came out after thinking carefully.

・ Thinking parts and equipment that are easy to maintain so that you can use it for a long time
・ Thinking about devices that are easy to dismantle to recycle
・ Make sure that the facilities can be modified and used on the successor model.

In other words, the designs made so that they can be used for a long time because they are needed.
I thought it was important.

As a personal goal
“I want to make a space elevator by helping the development of space elevators and go to space.”
I have a feeling.
When the space elevator is completed, the power sharing of solar power will increase,
I think that the result may lead to greenhouse gas measures.
(Of course, I think the next problem will come out.)

Warming is in front of you, so I want to do what you can do now.


NK-design cactus

It is a cactus that has been raised for about four years on an industrial love.
I stretched from the red line and finally crossed my back.
I want to grow industrial love with this much feeling 💛
It is around this time that I want to increase the number of houseplants.

Thank you for reading today. 😊

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