Remodeled unit delivery in Osaka

Thank you for your hard work this week.

I am making order parts in Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture,
It is an industrial love.

It was March with something.
Spring air has come out little by little.

“Osaka business trip”

By the way, it is the story of last month,
I have been on a business trip to “Tanoshimirai” in Osaka.

bullet train

The content is renovation and remodeling of the device used by Mr. Tanoshimirai.

I met Tanoshii Mirai on Twitter,
I consulted about the equipment and decided to meet directly.


That was the end of last year
At that time, we will have a meeting and measure the necessary points for modification of the device,
I decided to remodel the device based on that.
I did my best at the end of the year and wrote the drawing.

Equipment improvement 3D data.

“Parts arrangement, equipment delivery”

And the arrangement of parts has progressed, and this time it was delivered.
By the way, I helped me with my friend Kimura, a friend of Osaka, for the arrangement and assembly.
I’m a very shy person, so I don’t touch much this time, but I’m very helpful.
thank you.


Delivery will work or nervous.
I was relieved that I was satisfied with the actual delivery. (It was really good)

“Kenzo is HENTAI (praise)”

Kenzo, the president of Mr. Tanoshimirai, is a very fun and powerful person.
I was very honored to say “hentai” (praise).
And Kenzo-san, Kenzo, Kimura, and I put it in “Team Henta-E”.

I played with Kenzo and returned with a fun feeling.
Moreover, I am glad to have the next consultation.
I’ll do my best.

I received a tea confectionery for a chat


By the way, the story goes back and forth,
We have eaten “Nikusui” at “Namba Grand Kagetsu” for lunch.


A slightly different food of noodles.
It was very famous and very delicious,
It was a genuine carrier that I would like to increase my luck.
I want to go to the Kanto area this time.

I will do my best this year to be a good year.

Thank you for reading today.

Industry Love
Industry Love
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