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Happy new year.
I had a lot of design work at the end of last year, so I took a break from blogging.
I am very grateful to have a job.
Well, the new year has ended, but what kind of year will it be in 2023?
In the past few years, the sense of stagnation has been amazing, starting with the new corona,
I hope that this year will be a year that moves in a slightly better direction.

There is also such a thing,
Since this is my first blog after the new year, I think I should write something about the future.

Manufacturing subcontractors

Industry Lab is a company that designs factory equipment.
That is why I often hear about the economy of places like factories.
Last year was really tough.
The prices of food, gasoline, electricity, and various other items have risen.
Companies will also increase their expenses, but they will not be allowed to raise the prices of the parts (companies’ products) that they receive.
I often heard that.
You can’t raise the unit price of the parts you sell. expenses will increase.
I think there are a lot of companies who are wondering what to do!!
If so, it will be quite difficult for the manufacturing industry to raise wages.
I can’t stop having a lot of troubles.

Good business story

There are also good stories in the world.

At the end of last year, I went to a publication commemorative party for “Mr. Takako Takahashi, a consultant specializing in the women’s classroom industry.”
I’ve come to feel that there are a lot of people who publish books and everyone seems to be having fun.

Also, the other day, I heard a story from someone who usually works in Singapore.
I have a friend who is a GAFAM employee who I often listen to.
You said that the company’s welfare program and work environment are fulfilling, and you seem to enjoy your work.

What’s the difference!?

I wondered what the difference would be from this manufacturing industry.
If you start talking about GAFAM,
I tend to think, “Well, it’s all about excellent people, so it’s completely different.”
I thought, “Are all the cool people who have published books all graduated from amazing universities and are just amazingly talented people?”
Of course, I’m sure there are many people like that.
On the other hand, don’t you think that a book like “How to earn 100 million yen a year with your final educational background, junior high school graduate” would sell well?
I don’t know the title, but I think there are a lot of books like that in the world.
Therefore, I believe that education alone does not determine everything.
(Of course, I think that many things are easier if you have a good jito.)
I was thinking that there might be a difference in this economy somewhere else.

The difference is “dream”! ?

Then one word came out.
It is “dream”.
A “dream” is an excitement or a hope, or something that would be great if we could do something like this.
For example, when you think about what kind of time it takes to buy a book, if it is a “novel”, the content will be exciting,
If it’s an “enlightenment book”, I think it’s time to expect that if you read this book, you’ll be heading towards a better future, or you want some kind of “dream”.

For example, GAFAM, “google” are helping to provide “dreams” in the web world such as search sites, youtbe, etc.
“Apple” has provided exciting products such as the iPhone, literally like a “dream”.
Facebook (currently Meta) is the excitement of connecting people.
Amazon makes it easy to get just about anything.
In the first place, Microsoft has provided a next-generation way of working with personal computers.
Windows is still at the heart of people who work on PCs.
If you think about it that way, people with a good economy are selling their “dreams”.
In other words, I thought that I was giving hope to people.

“Dream” sells!!

I heard it on youtube,
If there is a company that continues to grow in Japan, that company is called “Oriental Land”.
If you ask what the company is doing, it is Tokyo Disney Resort.
On second thought,
Paying a very expensive ticket, eating a very expensive meal, riding in line for an expensive attraction,
Still, I think that this is a “dream” when I think about why repeaters continue to appear.
A world of “dreams” that makes you forget reality. Therefore, it can be expensive.
In other words, they add “dream price” to things and meals.
“Dream” sells.

Is there a dream in the manufacturing industry !!

Especially for subcontractors in the manufacturing industry in the world, when customers demand cost reductions, they are racking their brains, thinking, thinking, and desperately trying to reduce costs.
How can we provide products at low prices for our customers?
This is amazing. Head down.
But for some reason it’s possible. Even if you can do it, you won’t be able to say thank you.
Even though I was in such pain and tried my best. I don’t think many people are excited about manufacturing.
I think that this is because we have not been able to provide a “dream” for the delivered parts themselves. If you become a subcontractor in the manufacturing industry, you will not be able to sell your dreams.

The reason why the manufacturing industry cannot dream

Apart from Ote
Thinking about why the manufacturing industry can’t dream,
I think this is because the manufacturing industry is directly connected to the real world.
For example, “car”
I think that the car itself is a block of dreams.
It’s cool, it moves smoothly and it’s fun. can go far.
I think that’s why Toyota has become such a big company. Toyota also sold a “dream”.
However, it is a very high hurdle to make the “automobile” actually move comfortably. Accidents should not occur.
In other words, the hurdles to actually sell “dreams” with things are very high,
We have to be able to clear that.
The work itself to overcome the hurdle is very painful, plain and hard work. So, the subcontractors are undertaking the painful work to make that “dream” a reality.

For example, selling “dreams” in the manga, anime, games, web, and system industries is easier than in the manufacturing industry.
For example, “flying in the sky” itself is very exciting, but it is relatively easy to sell “flying in the sky” in the fantasy world of anime and games, but it is difficult for humans to actually fly in the sky. There is only about getting on an airplane for now.
Plus, it’s hard to build an airplane, it uses a lot of fuel, and you have to be careful not to crash.
In the world of manufacturing, it is difficult to see “dreams” because they are undertaking the pain of connecting “dreams” directly to reality.

Even so, let’s dream

There are many difficult things in life.
wages will not increase
People don’t act the way they want,
The world will never be peaceful.
Well, I think there is a way to do it.

In particular, the field of manufacturing is directly connected to the real world, so it’s really hard to do things that don’t go well.
But that’s why I think we should dream.
To be honest, seeing and talking about “dreams” itself is very painful.
But why not get your energy up in movies and songs?
I think it’s because I’m allowed to see a “dream”.
Therefore, I think that if everyone sees a “dream”, it will become a great power.

“Manufacturing industry” x “dream” The strongest combination if possible

As I mentioned earlier, the reality is that “manufacturing” x “dream” is extremely difficult.
But in fact, it is also the strongest combination if you can do it because the hurdle is high.
Reality is about to change.
If it takes 1 hour from Tokyo to Osaka by Linear Shinkansen,
I’m going to go eat okonomiyaki for a while. (Even if it’s weird!?)

A big dream for the manufacturing industry

Speaking of big “dreams” in the manufacturing industry, “automated driving” is highly feasible
Are there other humanoid robots, superconducting maglevs, nuclear fusion reactors, quantum computers, orbital elevators?
All of them are really exciting, and if you can do it in reality, the world will change.
But everything is a messed up hurdle.
Smart people all over the world are struggling hard and doing their best.
By the way, I also want to participate in making an orbital elevator.


Well, that’s fine, but
Did you know that “dreams” can be sold?
In other words, there are very few things that can be sold without a dream attached to them other than food.
The price is high with the “dream” that the food is delicious.

In order to add “dreams” to both products and services,
I think that the person who makes and the person who sells should be people who have a “dream”.
So let’s dream even if it’s small or painful.
I think it’s okay to dream that you want money.
I think it’s good to earn a lot of money whether you’re a Japanese or an ordinary person.
So let’s liven up the manufacturing industry with a dream this year.
Let’s see the “dream” of people other than the manufacturing industry.

It was a blog that I thought about the “dream” of people who are at the end of the manufacturing industry.

Thank you for reading.

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