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Thank you for your hard work this week.

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March is also over a third. We have more warm days.
Ladies and gentlemen, please be careful of the temperature difference.
Well, today I would like to write a short blog.

“3D printer setting consultation”

This week, we listened to your worries, “I installed a 3D printer that I purchased on the Internet site, but I don’t know how to 3D print it.”
Our company also has a 3D printer, although it is a different model, so maybe we can install it? I thought,
I went on a business trip and set up a 3D printer.

3D printers for sale online
The 3D printer itself was a model called Voxelab Aries.

Voxelab Aries

It seems to be sold out online now.
It can be purchased for about 50,000 yen, and it seems to be written as “for beginners”.
There may be a lot of people who think about buying it as a trial when they see the price and complaints.

Since those who have never operated a 3D printer do not have an image of operation,
I think that even if it is written as “for beginners”, if you stumble somewhere, you will not understand it.


I thought that the most troublesome thing was that the manual was based on Chinese.
This time, I found a Japanese version of the manual on the Internet and printed it out.
It’s just a Chinese version of the manual converted with translation software.
There were some sentences that were strange.


Also, there are some parts that are missing from the manual.
So it seems difficult to read and understand unless you can contact a place like the support center.
However, since the support center itself is Chinese-based, it is difficult to understand everything.

“Actually it’s not difficult if you know”
3D printers sold at low prices are called “FDM”
Many of them are made by melting a resin called a linear filament and creating a shape with a single stroke.
(There is also a type called “stereolithography”.)
The 3D printer this time was also “FDM”.

Software called “slicer software” is essential for such a 3D printer.
What is “slicer software”?
It is software that considers the trajectory by actually writing the 3D data you want to print in one stroke.

slicer soft

Even if 3D data is prepared, it cannot be printed without slicer software.
Since the client this time was not able to imagine this process,
The 3D printer itself was installed, but I didn’t know how to print.

It’s easy if you know how.
But I didn’t know, so I couldn’t move forward.

I thought that this was quite a story.

“I was able to print this time.”

This time, the setting of the filament material was also slightly wrong, so that might have been a problem as well.
There are different types of filament materials, and the hardness and melting temperature differ for each type of material.
If you make a mistake in these settings, you may not be able to print properly.
After all, I was relieved that I could 3D print successfully this time.

If you can’t use the 3D printer you bought, it seems that you can consult with us.

By the way, even if you have 3D printing, if you can’t prepare 3D data, it will be a waste of money, so
Please keep this in mind if you are considering purchasing a 3D printer.

Thank you for reading today.

Industry Love
Industry Love
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