Under consideration for nameplate

good morning.
The rainy season has begun.
It’s hard because it’s damp and the laundry doesn’t dry.

By the way, this week I have an order for Industry Love, so
It is a report of the progress.

A customer named “Kojima” will build his home,
I will make a nameplate.

We also make original nameplates.

Industry love nameplate

It is basically made of stainless steel and can be manufactured with a mirror surface or hairline.
The material can be changed upon consultation.

When it comes to design, I can’t do anything,
We take the style of talking with customers and deciding.

This is the biggest selling point of Industry Love.
Like an internet shopping site,
We don’t just choose from patterns and fit names, so we can listen to and reflect your needs.

Under consideration for nameplate

↑ is an illustration under consideration.
At first, I couldn’t see the direction, so
I drew various patterns.
Then, it is said that such a direction is good.
It feels like we are seeing it in our customers.
I will report again when it is completed.

From simple to original
I would like to take on various challenges.

There are other projects currently underway.

3D printer project

This is a 3D printer deal.
I would like to report on the next opportunity.

Industry Love
Industry Love
address:〒442-0051 豊川市中央道3丁目31番地
address: 3-31 Chuo Expressway, Toyokawa City, 442-0051
Inquirer: Nakao


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