Perfect installation of the air conditioner (Part 1: Making a base)

Thank you for your hard work this week.

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The rainy season is early this year. It was a while ago, but how was the heavy rain around June 2nd?
The rain was so heavy that even Toyokawa City was flooded.
Fortunately, Industry Lab suffered little damage.
thank you very much.
We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to those who have been affected.

[Road in front of the office]

When will the rainy season end

Although story changes,
The Industry Lab office has a commercial air conditioner installed in the building.
Only the electricity of this air conditioner will be for commercial use, not for household power.
Therefore, it will be charged separately from the normal electricity bill.
With the recent rise in electricity prices,
A large office is used by several people, so it may be a waste to have a wide cooling range.
So this year, I decided to install a spot air conditioner that runs on household electricity to cool only the partitioned area.
Since the office is rented and some air conditioners are installed, we chose spot air conditioners because we do not want to do construction work.

Hurry up if you decide to do good

Going back to the beginning, the scary thing about the rainy season is the summer heat after the rainy season.
I didn’t know when the sudden heat would hit, so I decided to install an air conditioner in a hurry.
By the way, when it comes to installing a spot air conditioner, the problem is how to install the exhaust duct.
After much consideration, I decided to put the air conditioner on the part of the bay window that protrudes and install a duct on the window.

From blueprint creation to arrangement

If it is decided, it is early, but immediately select an air conditioner,
I decided to make the base for two reasons: I wanted to set the air outlet higher and I wanted a route for the duct to pass through.

[Consideration diagram]

Since the air conditioner itself weighs more than 20 kg, I thought that a solid stand was necessary,
I decided to build a stand with an aluminum frame that I specialize in.
At this point, we will design it so that it fits the installation part “perfectly”, which is what Industry Love is good at.
A 20-square aluminum frame is used, but about 20 kg is enough.
It’s okay if one person rides alone (o^-^o)

By the way, the assembled aluminum frame is purchased from a manufacturer called “Misumi”.
How speedy it is to read parts from 3D data and purchase them as they are.
Paperless is also something,
If you go paperless, you will have to worry about making mistakes in the number of items because the checks are done visually on the screen. smile

Foundation assembly

Assembling the base.
Assembling a stand like this for use in your own office is a fun, DIY-like experience.

[Photos during assembly]

By the way, post-insertion spring nuts are convenient for aluminum frame nuts.
You don’t have to insert it from the edge of the frame, so you can add it when you forget to insert it,
The force of the spring prevents the position of the nut from slipping.
However, it is easy to shift after putting it in, so please use case by case.

[Post-insertion spring nut]

The aluminum frame table looks like this.
Since objects over 20kg will be placed on top, I chose a sturdy upper plate.

After one crisis, another one

“Now, let’s install the air conditioner!”
The cover that closes the gap interferes with the window sash!
So, I got one more job.

Next time, I will write a blog where I made parts with a 3D printer and installed them.

[I added a part like this. ]

When you want to install something like this but it doesn’t work,
Please feel free to contact Industry Love.

Ladies and gentlemen, the rain continues, but please take care of your health care.
Thank you for reading today.

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