thank you for your hard work.
It will continue to be cloudy.
I participated in district events on weekends.
I was outdoors for about 2 hours,
I was damaged by UV rays and couldn’t move that day.
I’m always working indoors, so I’m not tolerant,
Even so, UV rays are strong.
Please be careful, too.

Well, last week’s story,
Previously, I made something called an “IL badge”.

IL badge

“Takoyaki Cafe Bar Takoyaki Kinjiro” who purchased this
What a visit from Tokyo ✨

I became acquainted with Takoyaki Kinjiro on twitter,
I am always getting better on twitter.

I’m glad that such a person came to the store,
I forcibly told you about Toyokawa for about half a day.

First, I went to Toyokawa Inari.
It is famous for its prosperous business and business, so we visited together.


It’s fun to discover new things if you let us know about the scenery you’re used to.

After that, we will have lunch at “Seafood Nakamura”.
(It is a recommended restaurant that I would like to take up by “Seafood Nakamura”. The cost performance of lunch is the best, so by all means)

Seafood bowl lunch

After that, to “Yamaguchi Farm” who is getting along with me on twitter.
I had a fun conversation called “secret talk”.
(If you write out the story of Yamaguchi Farm, it will be one blog, so even at a later date)

Yamaguchi Farm’s vending machine

I had a very enjoyable half day like that 😊 Thank you ✨
I’m glad when my work is calm 💦

I’m very happy that everyone I met on twitter is friendly and helpful.
Finally, a photo of Mr. Takoyaki Kinjiro’s visit.
Please feel free to contact us.

Takoyaki Kinjiro visits the store

Takoyaki Kinjiro visits the store

Industry Love
Industry Love
address:〒442-0051 豊川市中央道3丁目31番地
address: 3-31 Chuo Expressway, Toyokawa City, 442-0051
Inquirer: Nakao